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Pokrowiec Mystic GEAR BOX with WHEELS 140cm

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Pokrowiec Mystic  GEAR BOX

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Pokrowiec Mystic  GEAR BOX with WHEELS 140cm


Gear box


Gear box

Technical features

• PVC coated 600D polyester
• 8mm padding
• Big compartment
• Air ventilation patch
• Extra pocket for small gear
• For multiple Kites, Wake- or Kiteboards
• Storage straps
• Padded divider for protection between the boards
• Secure straps outside
• Address card pocket
• Carry handles
• Integrated wheels


Gear box


1.40 / 1.60 (X 0.40 X 0.45 MTR)
size chart


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The protective core of the boardbag is a 8mm thick closed cell foam padding, keeping a tight balance between weight and impact strength.


The ventilation patch improves the environment in the boardbag by increasing the breathability of the boardbag. If you are traveling straight from the beach, good ventilation helps to keep your gear in good condition. 




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Pokrowiec Mystic GEAR BOX with WHEELS 140cm

Pokrowiec Mystic GEAR BOX with WHEELS 140cm

Pokrowiec Mystic  GEAR BOX

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