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Buty Wae Hyperlite Process Boot 2015

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Buty Hyperlite Process Boot 2015

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Buty Hyperlite Process Boot 2015





NICK DAVIES SIGNATURE MODEL - Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
How could the king of cable not have his own System boot? Great question, that's why Hyperlite and Nick Davies are excited to give you the Process boot. This new boot features a design that is great for the cable or behind the boat. Mr. Davies was looking for some added support so the Process boot utilizes a taller, more supportive cuff and removable power strap to accomplish this. Solid heel hold was also an important part of the design, and the 2 to 1 lacing zone allows for added retention as the laces are tightened, pulling a rider's heel snugger into place. Just like our other System boots, the Process features a fully heat moldable Hyper-liner for the ultimate in customizable comfort, Ultron insoles for added impact protection and a full EVA-Lite outsole for a lightweight feel.
*Remember the Process boot is designed to work exclusively with our System Binding. Both components are needed for use.
CONSTRUCTION FEATURES All New 2-Part Construction
Fully Lasted Fit
2 to 1 Lacing Zone
EVA-Lite Outsole
EVA Impact Heel Inserts
Removable Power Strap
Memory Foam Ultron Insoles
Heat Moldable Hyper-Liner
Flow Through Drain Panels
Taller More Supportive Cuff






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Buty Wae Hyperlite Process Boot 2015

Buty Wae Hyperlite Process Boot 2015

Buty Hyperlite Process Boot 2015

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