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Deska Kite SU-2 BigFoot 2015 Komplet

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Deska Kite SU-2 BigFoot 2015

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Kompletna Deska Kite SU-2 BigFoot 2015


Product description:

Bigfoot is a legend of our fleet. It was first launched from our factory 8 years ago. It is a result of experiments aiming to determine, which width of a board is the most suitable for comfortable ride during the low winds. The answer is 45cm (remember that it is 2006 what we are talking about, back then, the average board 135 cm long was 38-39 cm wide). The tendency towards widening the boards became common only during the last 2 years. Moreover, Bigfoot is the lightest board available on the market and its construction proved to be so excellent that it hasn’t been changed since the first day of production. This is the best proposal for those, who want to start their adventure with Kite. Every good Rider or instructor knows, how important are the first moments on the board, developing proper reactions is crucial. This board is prepared ideally for this task, it is perfect for those who are starting their training. It is extremely durable and stable. Thanks to it you won’t lose your heart at the beginning of training which is quite often when taking up any sporting activity. Bigfoot is purposed for the freeride training but it is also perfect for the freeride during the low winds. It is hard enough and its maneuverability is fitted to the abilities of the beginning and intermediate Riders. If you are looking for a training board stop now, because you have found it.

STYLE: Begginer / Freeride

TYPE: Twin-Tip

PROFILE: light wind, easy ride, comfort

SIZE (cm): 140x45;145x45;150x45;155x45


w komplecie dodatkowo pady, strapy finy i rączka




hang white


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Deska Kite SU-2 BigFoot 2015 Komplet

Deska Kite SU-2 BigFoot 2015 Komplet

Deska Kite SU-2 BigFoot 2015

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