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Koło WOW 1p Coupe

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Koło WOW 1p Coupe

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Koło WOW 1p Coupe

Koło WOW 1p Coupe

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Wymiary napompowanego 146CM X 94CM X 66CM

The Coupe Series is another WOW take on an old design. We took out the seat dividers on the basic cockpit tube so that we could add our drop bottom design. This turns your basic cockpit tube into not only a towable that is fast and balanced over the wake and in the whips, but also a comfortable and relaxing floating lounge that will be just what you need after your exciting ride. The Coupes look great on the water in their hot rod red design. Try the Coupe 1, 2, or 3 rider towable/lounge and save on space in your boat by taking just one item with you instead of two. EZ 2 Ride. Features: 1 rider secure cockpit seating towable tube 170Ibs. 77kg. maximum capacity New Innovative SECURE COCKPIT SEATINGTM with backrest and ergonomic slanted leg rest design for comfortable riding or lounging The new slanted leg rest design allows for the rider to naturally ride or lounge in a comfortable secure position Drop speed bottom allows for EZ fuel efficient towing with less drag on the boat Heavy-duty tow system construction featuring front tow point Heavy-duty partial nylon cover Heavy-duty PVC bladders WOWs custom red hot rod racing stripe design with billboard graphics creates excitement for riders but also lets everyone on the water know you are there Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards Zippered valve covers Speed Valve for fast inflation and deflation Heavy-Duty partial nylon cover tube makes for a great river tube while lounging Inflated size: 57IN X 37IN X 26IN 146CM X 94CM X 66CM

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Koło WOW 1p Coupe

Koło WOW 1p Coupe

Koło WOW 1p Coupe

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