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Bar Naish Torque BTB 55/ 18-20 / 24m

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Bar Naish Torque BTB

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Bar Naish Torque BTB 55 18-20/24m


Featuring the most advanced quick release trim loop mechanism to date, this function-rich design offers extremely easy release and reload and a below-the-bar swivel for effortless untangling of lines. Whether freeride, freestyle or wave riding, the Torque BTB keeps you secure for a seamless riding experience.


  • Patented Naish Push-away Quick Release Mechanism = Fiberglass-reinforced polymer with stainless steel core & a below-the-bar ball bearing swivel?
  • Impact Resistant Construction (top of torque loop mechanism) = Increased longevity?
  • Pre-stretched TLS 500 Flying Lines = Stiffer front flying lines + even stretch in front & back lines over time?
  • Torque Loop = Efficient & effortless ball bearing swivel + easiest reloading quick release on the market?
  • Bar End Technology - Adjustable Bar Width: 18??20? (45?51 cm)?
  • Double Density EVA Grip with Memory Core = Comfortable & controlled non-slip grip?
  • Replaceable Nylatron Insert?
  • NEW Stainless Steel Low-V Line Organizer = Easy release & reload?
  • Cored, Stiff Trim Line = Tangle-free design?
  • NEW Heavy-duty Short Kite Leash with Quick Release



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Bar Naish Torque BTB 55/ 18-20 / 24m

Bar Naish Torque BTB 55/ 18-20 / 24m

Bar Naish Torque BTB

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