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Buty Xcel Xplorer Round Toe Boot 3mm

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Buty Xcel Xplorer Round Toe Boot 3mm

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Buty Xcel Xplorer Round Toe Boot 3mm

Xplorer Round Toe Boot 3mm


The Xplorer is a durable, warm, and comfortable surf boot with 100% UltraStretch neoprene and premium glued & blindstitched seams sealed with outer Taitex to keep water out and warmth in. The adjustable Velcro ankle straps allow for a comfortable, snug fit. The back ankle pull loop is Pressure Bonded to the outer boot, which keeps even more water out since no stitching ever penetrates through the boot neoprene.


UltraStretch Neoprene

Comfortable, lightweight neoprene with softer foam and a tighter weave textile for less water absorption, better durability, and maximum stretch.



Durable, flexible outer composite used to seal a glued & blindstitched seam to maximize durability and keep more water out.

Glued & Blindstitched Seams

A fully sealed, maximum stretch seam construction. Neoprene panels are glued and pressed together, then blindstitched (needle doesn't fully penetrate neoprene, keeping more water out).


Round Toe

Comfortable boot design to promote maximum warmth.

Pressure Bonded Back Ankle Pull Loop

The most durable construction for keeping the pull loop attached to the boot. Pressure bonding also means a more watertight construction, since it requires no stitching that would otherwise penetrate the neoprene and let water in.

UKEUUSDługość wkładki
435 / 36521cm
638 / 39723cm
942 / 431026cm
1145 / 461228cm
1348 / 491430cm


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Buty Xcel Xplorer Round Toe Boot 3mm

Buty Xcel Xplorer Round Toe Boot 3mm

Buty Xcel Xplorer Round Toe Boot 3mm

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