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Deska Kite Duotone Jaime 2023 + Finy

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Deska Kite Duotone Jaime 2023

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Deska Kite Duotone Jaime 2023 + finbox


Art.-No. 44230-3420

The most popular freestyle kiteboard in history gets a fresh makeover for 2023 with a new shape and updated construction. Perfect for riders who want to boost big air, throw the latest freestyle tricks and have loads of fun on the water!

 Key features
Duotone Jaime

Sporty and responsive ride
The Jaime is designed to give you an exciting session on the water; the shape and flex combine to make it fast and responsive.

New Double Diffusor Bottom
This new shape makes the legendary soft landings even smoother than before.

Angled Fins
This year the fins on the Jamie have been angled to improve grip in the water for better upwind performance, improved pop and higher jumps.

New Torsion Flex Cap
The Torsion Flex Cap controls how the board flexes across its axis; new for 2023; this has been improved to offer even better control.

Carbon Web
To improve the overall flex of the board and increase responsiveness, a Carbon Web is used in the construction.

Double Rocker Line Concept
The all-new Double Rocker Line Concept ensures huge amounts of grip through the water, leading to impressive pop and big air.

S-Bend FS 4.5 Carbon 30S-Bend FS 4.5 Carbon 30S-Bend FS 5.0 Carbon 30S-Bend FS 5.0 Carbon 30

Duotone Jaime

The freestyle board that started a revolution, the Jaime hit the market back in 2005 and forever changed the way we thought about kiteboards. Fast forward 17 years, and it’s still turning heads and leading the charge in terms of performance. 2023 sees many new features that increase the amount of fun you can have on the water. The new Double Rocker Line Concept and angled fins give you limitless grip on the water, great for blasting upwind but even better for stomping take-offs and getting massive air. There is also a new Double Diffusor Bottom; this helps to break the surface tension of the water when you land your tricks. In terms of construction, the board features a Carbon Web and a new Torsion Flex Cap, both elements combine to improve the control and responsiveness on the water, leading to a more dynamic ride. The Jaime may have a lineage that is older than some GKA world champions, but the 2023 model is brand new and waiting to blast you into action!

 Tech Features
Duotone Jaime 2023

Medium Flex

The Medium Flex boards combine competition performance with every day comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding condition.

Grab RailsGrab Rails

Grab Rails for easier board off manoeuvres and comfortable general riding.

Torsion Flex

The special shape of the 3D cap allows torsion of the long axis of the board. This gives them more grip on the heel-side edge, rich and smooth landings, a direct drive and better upwind performance. Invented by Duotone.

Premium Construction

The Premium Construction boards Jaime, Select and Soleil feature Carbon Beams, where parts of the glass fibre are being replaced by unidirectional carbon beams to noticeably improve the boards’ performance. This results in a faster and even more progressive flex for better pop and reduced weight.


The use of Carbon Web is an important improvement for 2020 especially for competition boards like the Duotone Team Series and the Duotone Jaime. It offers the rider more torsional stiffness, therefore offering good pop and very precise edge control. Carbon Web is used to build light, yet very robust and durable boards, without losing any of the dynamic response needed for Freestyle and Wakestyle maneuvers. A great compromise for Freestyle boards at a lower price point, without compromising performance!

Angled Fins

This year the fins on the Jamie have been angled to improve grip in the water for better upwind performance, improved pop and higher jumps.


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Deska Kite Duotone Jaime 2023 + Finy

Deska Kite Duotone Jaime 2023 + Finy

Deska Kite Duotone Jaime 2023

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