Koło WOW Tootsie Sister 5p / 5 osobowe


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Koło WOW Tootsie Sister 5p / 5 osobowe

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Koło WOW Tootsie 5p Sister Towable

Koło WOW Tootsie 5p Sister Towable

5 osobowe

Wymiary napompowanego 350CM X 178CM

The Sister Series from WOW takes the deck tube to a whole new level. We took the standard deck tube construction that has been thrilling riders for more than 3 decades and added interactive secure seating with high visibility risers. This interactive secure seating has been incorporated into 4 different shapes each with their own personality and look that we call the Sisters. Choose from Ruby, Zelda, Trinity, or Tootsie. Each has at least 2 different tow points and can be ridden while standing, sitting, kneeling or laying down. The new interactive seating design also makes the Sisters perfect for using as a lounge or an island. Tootsie 1-5 person with 2 towing directions Features: 1-5 rider secure deck seating towable tube 850Ibs. 385kg. maximum capacity New INTERACTIVE ASSIGNED SECURE DECK SEATINGTM with backrests and EVA foam riding pads Continuous S shaped high visibility chariot riser that allows for face to face interactive riding or lounging Heavy-duty, wide-webbed, 3-point tow system construction featuring front and back tow points for multiple fun riding experiences Multiple riding positions; sit, stand, or kneel FREE 11 INCH 4K Aluminum EZ TOW CONNECTOR included for EZ tow point changes Heavy-duty full nylon cover with heavy-duty zippers Heavy-duty PVC bladders WOWs custom visual impact color design with billboard graphics creates excitement for riders but also lets everyone on the water know you are there Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards Flat foam handles Zippered valve covers Speed Valve for fast inflation and deflation Inflated size: 138IN X 70IN X 26IN 350CM X 178CM

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Koło WOW Tootsie Sister 5p / 5 osobowe

Koło WOW Tootsie Sister 5p / 5 osobowe

Koło WOW Tootsie Sister 5p / 5 osobowe

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