Pianka Xcel Infiniti Hooded 6/5

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Pianka Xcel Infiniti Hooded 6/5

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Pianka Xcel Infiniti Hooded 6/5

The Infiniti ensures an ideal temperature thanks to the sophisticated High Pile TDCs in the chest and back, in the legs, the new Thermo Lite generates heat properly. The new Nanoprene Japanese Limestone makes the suit lighter, softer and warmer. An established water-based adhesive protects natural resources and provides equally for perfectly sealed seams. Thanks to the FusionX tapes, the seams on the inside remain protected, and the durability is improved enormously. The NexSkin Wrist and Ankle Seals minimize water entry at the arms and legs. The neck was placed on the Glide Skin collar, the head can be freely moved, the collar will also stop at Duckdives or washes the water outside. features

  • X2 front zipper system

  • Crossover Neck Entry

  • TDC on the upper body

  • Thermolite interior coating

  • Ultra stretch neoprene

  • Fusion X-seam Tape

  • NexSkin sealed inside

  • Glued Blindstitch seams

  • Knee flex grooves behind

  • High Performance Comp Design

  • DuraFlex Knee Panels

  • Fewer seams = More Stretch


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Pianka Xcel Infiniti Hooded 6/5

Pianka Xcel Infiniti Hooded 6/5

Pianka Xcel Infiniti Hooded 6/5

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