Pianka ION Strike Amp 6/5 B/Z

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Pianka ION Strike Amp 6/5 B/Z

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Pianka ION Strike Amp 6/5 B/Z

Line Concept

Increase your performance with the Strike Amp's perfect composition between stretch and warmth. The secret for optimal heat retention lies in ION's proven flexible inside lining called Hot_Stuff 2.0 in combination with toasty warm Plasma_Plush 2.0. I_foam neoprene, which enhances flexibility even further, while Drygrid reduces the overall weight due to less water absorption. In spots without thermo lining, super soft Silk_Stuff increases next-to-skin comfort to the max. The result: Your perfect everyday wetsuit, no matter which conditions you will face today.

Target Group

Featuring a slightly wider cut specifically designed for solidly-built wind water sports athletes looking for a wetsuit that meets their ambitious demands on performance, stretch and freedom of movement.




Flex Factor5 point
Heat Factor3 point
Windchill Factor


85% Neoprene / 15% Nylon


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Pianka ION Strike Amp 6/5 B/Z

Pianka ION Strike Amp 6/5 B/Z

Pianka ION Strike Amp 6/5 B/Z

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