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Deska Kite Duotone Select 2024 + Finy

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Deska Kite Duotone Select 2024 + Finy

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Deska Kite Duotone Select 2024 + Finy


Art.-No. 44240-3425

With a new shape and construction for 2024, the Select becomes one of our first twin tips to join the Concept Blue range from Duotone. Using more sustainable materials in the construction process combined with a fresh design, the Select steps up another notch for the new season.

New for 2024 is an asymmetric deck shape, updated outline and our new Concept Blue construction. Flax Fibre combines with Basalt Stringers to provide a smooth but engaging ride while being natural materials that are far more sustainable. The Select is the perfect choice for riders who want to enjoy cruising and boost big jumps on the water. It offers exceptional comfort, performance, and speed that will keep you excited every time you hit the water. The asymmetric deck focuses the flex characteristic on the heel edge of the board, improving the overall pop. The larger Space Flex Window in the tips provides additional damping, giving the board a suspension-like feel without compromising performance. The Select is a great board for light winds, too; quick to get on the plane and offers plenty of power and performance when needed.  

If you're looking for a freeride board to help you ride earlier, make your sessions smoother, and allow you to jump higher, take the new Select for a spin!

 Key Features
Duotone Select

Asymmetric Deck

This new top deck increases the stiffness in the heel edge of the board, giving a more linear and predictable flex characteristic.

Fastest Outline in the range

Long outline and fastest shape of the range. Ride on size bigger than usual!

Flax Fibre with superior dampening qualities

The Select uses Flax Fibre instead of traditional glass during the layup of the board; this new material is natural, more sustainable and offers a smoother ride in the chop.

Space Flex

This technology gives you a smooth ride and early planing and is great for carves too.

Responsive Ride due to Basalt Stringers

Basalt fibre comes from volcanic rock, Basalt is a plentiful resource. The Fibre has a low global warming potential as it is a natural fibre. This element of our Concept Blue program replaces carbon as well as glass fibre as a material. Basalt has similar mechanical properties, but a significantly smaller impact on the environment.

Smooth Carving

The new Select's design focuses on carving so you can crank rail-to-rail turns with ease, either in the waves or on flat water.


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Deska Kite Duotone Select 2024 + Finy

Deska Kite Duotone Select 2024 + Finy

Deska Kite Duotone Select 2024 + Finy

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